she got me...

ok, i'll bite...

10 years ago: oh goddess...these are always difficult. i can never remember things in terms of years. i would have been 20. in college. 1998. the year before i met him again. i don't remember who i was dating. i spent a lot of time in college getting over the culture shock and counting the days til i could see the baltimore skyline again...

5 things on today's to-do list:
1. keep from crying. (too much. in front of people.)
2. straighten up/wash the dishes.
3. have at least one decent dream and remember to write it down.
4. get up on time in the morning.
5. allow myself to be myself.

snacks i enjoy:
trader joe's white popcorn.
anything milk chocolate and caramel-filled.
potato chips!

things i would do if i were a millionaire:
buy a house.
travel incessantly
invest like hell...make that money make money
get all my best friends on a plane and take us somewhere fantastic
get more pets
get initiated in nigeria and take my family/ile with me
give a few hundred thousand dollars away to people doing good shit
take the time to sit down and write something
go shopping!!!
hire a housekeeper

5 places i've lived : there haven't been 5 (wow). just my mom's house, boston, and my apartment.

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