womb wonder

ladies, ladies, ladies.

can we talk?

if you have never allowed your sweet spot to do your thinking for you*, i invite you to try.

since i performed the anger ritual, renewed my bathing practices**, and listened for Her whispers, i've been feeling lighter and freer each day.

this morning, i woke up feeling delicious.

i worked most of my day barefoot and listening to great music.

i had fun singing at the top of my lungs in bumper to bumper traffic.

i came home, greedily ate my fill and topped it off with a candy bar because i felt like it.

i'm glowy and loving and free spirited today...

all because i remembered that i am a microcosm of the goddess.

i have a lovely, healthy, radiant kitty (i'm SO not talking about my cat...) that adores me.

i am honored by the visions and dreams that come when i listen to her.

all hail the gateway to life...

*if you are out of touch with your womb/clitoris/sexual energy, try connecting to some online information like this, books like the clitoral truth, or a gynocentric sex shop like babeland. and, if necessary, don't be afraid of support groups and individual therapy.

**iba yemonja. so often, my healing comes from water. i could never have felt this wonderful without her healing waters. adupe o for washing my feet and accepting my offerings. olugbe-rere ko, olugbe-rere ko, olugbe-rere ko. gbe rere ko ni olu-gbe-rere. ase.

maferefun oshun, latojoku awede we mo. my mother, my heart, the source of all my bliss. i give thanks and i honor you, always. ore yeye o! ase.


Queen Huney said...

give thanks for you. it is so wonderful to connect with someone who has conected w/ self (goddess, womb)you are beautiful. you give me inspiration on this journey.
self love is where its at. just these simple things mean so much.

creatrix said...

so glad you stopped through...

with all the folks i've been connecting with lately--in person and virtually--i feel like i'm part of a constant loop of inspiration and upliftment. and i ain't mad @ that. *smile*.

stay blessed.

GoddessGlory said...

you know how to have fun

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

i try, goddess. i try. *smile*