the power of ritual

i started in on another pity party today, and decided enough was enough.

i started looking online for techniques for releasing anger, and found this.

it's a brief, but very effective ritual. i modified it a little according to my intuition (e.g., i found it necessary to cool/clear the energy after the release), but i'm glad that i found it now that the moon is waning. it's an excellent time to remove and lift things that are no longer serving, so that i can start fresh with the new moon at the end of the month.

i feel lighter already. and i'm thankful.


toni said...

i've been having a pity party all week, too. just pulling myself out of it. it does just take a decision, doesn't it?

creatrix said...

sometimes, yeah.

i'm really glad i was able to release some more of the "muck" (as i've been calling it). i've been doing little things here and there, but this feels climactic somehow.