pitter patter

i heard a bunch of kids playing outside last night, and it kinda made me feel a way about how things could have been.

i often find myself torn between the joyous freedom and flexibility of my kid-free life, and the wonder i feel around the experience of pregnancy, birthing and mothering.

but, all things considered, i've decided that kids are, at best, optional. at worst, they're a statistical improbability.

emotionally, it's not so cut and dry.


sparkle said...


i'm soooooooo not ready.

got some healing to do. & i bet once your womb transformation is complete, you'll be ready. :D

ms. bliss honeycomb said...


i don't know. i don't know if i want to be ready, or even what ready is.

i didn't even get into how the whole relationship situation factors in. LOL. i am sooo not the sperm bank/solo adoption type. or at least wouldn't be until i was much older.

it's kinda ok if kids don't happen. i'd be a little more miffed if it seemed that marriage/partnership was a long shot. i still have a good bit of hope in that arena.