note: this was originally posted to a blog i write about a particular person surrounding a particular situation. it's public (in the hopes of someone stumbling across it and learning that yes, virginia, there is life after soulmates), but not really linked to anything else.

i felt it best to, as far as possible, separate that healing from the rest of my existence. at its inception, i even removed some entries from this blog to place there.

but when i wrote this today, it seemed imperative that i blur the barriers a bit. it even applies, to a somewhat lesser degree, to this situation.

you might need to read this.
you might want to have someone else read it.

in whatever way you need to,
from whatever situation you need to,
if there's something clipping your wings--

even if that something is something you love, dearly,

free yourself.


* ~~ * ~~ * ~~

a long time ago, you stopped looking into my eyes.
said you couldn't stand it...

but when you ceased to look at me, to see me, it obviously became too easy for you to think i no longer loved you.

i'm sorry you've had to learn the hard way that i never stopped, that my love for you has remained as deep and fluid as ever.

the difference is that i have reined it in. there are many things i'll still do for you, but only on my terms and in my way. i will not let you dictate the whens, wheres, and hows--directly or indirectly.

my limitations are my own, and if i choose to love you one moment and ignore you in another, i will.

you have tortured yourself into this corner, and you will have to get yourself out.

...but i'll still love you when you come out on the other side.

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