a little piece of the universe...

due to the continuing antics of my automobile, i wound up implementing phase one of the goddesspace today. it turned out pretty well, and the process removed my frustration and disappointment over being, essentially, grounded.

an overall view:

in the lower right corner is a serendipitous wax blob from a white candle i used for guidance...i wanna write a mantra or something on it.

sweet wine in the glass--for celebration's sake.

detail of the candles and crystals:

there's plenty more to do, but i'm really, really pleased with the first stage.

i'm discovering that i enjoy the process of manifesting sacred space. i love the way it inevitably grows, shrinks and morphs according to my prayers, needs and desires.

*to affirm my relationship with the divine feminine and the elements--in other words, unapologetic womanspace.

*to further enhance and empower my dreaming, intuition, and other spiritual skills as a complement to my official training.

*to gain increased clarity around my life's work and purpose using the power inherent in my womb/femininity.

*to provide a home for full moon prayers and menstrual meditations.


PretaMulatta said...

am leaving the bliss of the warm waters at dawn tomorrow 2 head home...

and i am inspired 2 work on my sacred space. thank u 4 this.

thank u.

oyadele said...

i see the yemaya you got at the botanica!!! glee!

i'm inspired to do the same. i don't know if i should wait until i move, or what...

TruEssence said...
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TruEssence said...

Hello sistah:)
I just wanted to tell that I really enjoy reading your posts. I can relate to so much of what you speak on. I have a scared space that I have been cultivating for several months. You have inspired me to take pics.
Blessings and continued elevation

sweetness said...

oyadele...i was gonna wait, too. but if you feel like it's time, it's probably time. i'm learning that that energy will sort of turn in on itself if you don't let it spill all over the place.

truessence...thanks for stopping by, and i pray your space evolves and grows in ways that enrich you indefinitely.

sweetness said...

preta...you are very welcome. i'm just glad to be surrounded (virtually and otherwise) by women who understand the fullness of their magic. ashe!

Kilimanjaro: High and Lo said...

LOVE ::)