the quest for equilibrium

i went to yoga last night.
it was a struggle, but i'm glad i went.

it was a hot class, which usually makes everything a little easier. not this time.

nearly every posture--even the ones i've always found simple--was a trial. to some degree i was uncomfortable almost the entire time--nausea, a sense of heavy awkwardness, close to tears. i couldn't even stay still in savasana during the guided meditation.

the instructor, bless her, came over and straightened me out a couple of times. until she touched me, i had no idea all the tension i was holding in my waist/pelvic area--probably a manifestation of the recent boundary struggles.

strength postures like full plank made my shoulders ache, and downward dog didn't seem to stretch much of anything.

my sinuses have been blocked since late last night, and i've been expelling some interesting things--hopefully signs that the nonsense (as i've been calling it) is on its way out.

tonight, come hell or high water, i'm getting a neti pot.

this weekend, i'll have the opportunity to have a nice chat with yemonja. if there is a lesson in this madness her waters aren't meant to wash away, may she at least grant me the clarity to figure out where i'm going and how to get there. ashe.


mindful said...

i hope that you find the answers and relief soon, lady...

sugar rush said...

thanks...i'm getting there.

PretaMulatta said...

i DO hope u found the peace u needed.
and i needed 2 b reminded of how thru your strength in your boundary struggles, i've been able 2 find my own. this morning, i was able 2 say - if u wanted 2, u would have - and not hold onto the burden any tighter.

sugar rush said...

i went to another class that sunday and things felt better...and the trip to the beach helped tremendously.

i've also taken to wearing my elekes again...that always helps me feel a little more secure and balanced.

taking it one day at a time...