sistas (hopefully not) doin it (just) for themselves

ok, baltimore.

we've got three sistas in city hall. i know at least two of them are mothers.

this could be some historic shit, or same old same old.

let's see what happens...


Dark Daughta said...

I've heard that the powers that be usually leave things like the running of a city to those with the least amount of privilege once things have really gone to hell in a handbasket, when there's no more money to be made and when they have found other, greener pastures to move onto.

sugar rush said...

you could be right.

on the other hand, this is a very black city (over 50% of the population), and has been for some time. having several brown faces in high places is long overdue.

it seems that the mayor, sheila dixon, is fairly connected, and she worked under the former mayor (now governor) for years, so she *could* make some moves if she really wanted to.

rawlings-blake also seems to genuinely give a damn.

so, we'll see...