a word on immigration

if they didn't want all those mexicans coming back home, then maybe they shouldn't have stolen their land in the first place.

of course there are other issues...

but that's one of the first that comes to mind when i hear all the whitefolks (and others) bitching about it.

this is what happens when you build a nation by hook and by crook.

things will get really interesting once the native americans get their weight up. not to mention if the native hawaiians make their move.

one hell of a wake up call.

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PretaMulatta said...

brilliant observation. i was watching the news yesterday AM + the question was asked - is it about racism. DUH. i cant believe the woman it was asked of even tried 2 imply that it wasnt. my beloved is from norway + u better believe they're not trying 2 keep the tall blondes out of this country.