i seem to be "on" again.

which means looking @ ppl and knowing more than i want to.

deep dreams that are about as difficult to wake up from as a tequila-induced haze.

seeing everything around me in ways that both excite (creative impulses) and frustrate (who has the time?) me...

i'm hyper-aware and sleepwalking at the same time.

i really need a home computer again.
which would mean i'd have to clean off my desk at home, too.
need to shake off this daze. i only have 2 weeks to study for my exam.

march always does weird things to me. and this year, combined with mercury in fking retrograde and impending seasonal change....dear god.

time for some green tea...


mindful said...

my father tells me all the time, that "i'm the one," hence, he sees so much GOD in me he wishes i utilized it more...

spirits aren't afraid to use me. *shrugs* or make it known to those around me either. scary at times, but i've always dealt with it.

saltwater taffy said...

yeah...us "special" children have an interesting time of it.