life's a zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

i have no explanation for the fog i'm in.

maybe my brain finally decided that i really don't need it between the hours of 8:30 and 5pm monday thru friday and just decided to leave the building for that particular period.


but i probably just need a good shampoo, as usual.

by this weekend, i'll only have one more week until this exam. i don't feel ready.

although...that unready feeling i get before a test often marks my best performances. it's like, once i can't look at the information anymore, that usually means it's rather firmly entrenched in my subconscious. i don't think it's there, but when the test questions pop up....

plus it's all multiple choice. i get along with multiple choice.

other than that, life has been fairly dull. tried to buy a new memory card for my camera...it doesn't work. neither does the one i exchanged that one for. dude at a camera shop tells me there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with my camera. so until i can clear the pics off of my old memory card (which works just fine), i'm stuck.

writing hasn't come easily lately...although there's something right on the tip of my tongue i can't seem to make coherent.

there's still a whole lot of music i don't have...

...at least tomorrow's payday. even if i do have bills.

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