the coolest kid ever

my godson turns 6 years old today.

it's so crazy watching a kid grow up. you see them as babies, taking their first steps, learning their first words. noticing little things like their reaction to that first taste of ice cream.

of course, i saw my brother grow up, too. but i was a kid myself, and not very interested in who he was or what he was doing.

when terrence came around, i was ready to really appreciate it.

for awhile i didn't have a name. we tried lee-lee. he laughed at that.

then i was "car!". when he saw me, he knew either i was taking him and/or his mommy somewhere, so...

then i was "mom". try explaining the look on your face while you're on a playground and a kid that isn't yours goes, "mom! look at me!". i sounded like the worst parent ever going, "terrence. you know i'm lesley...". but it was kind of cool that the only people he called "mom" were, well, me and his mother.

now i'm just lesley. but, most of the time, i'm introduced as "my lesley". which is great for a laugh when people first hear it.

that said, i have had the pleasure of knowing a really smart, loving, cute-as-a-button, well-mannered little boy (his mom's not so bad, either.). who--maybe not coincidentally--just happened to be born 3 days before my own birthday.

so here's to you, darlin. may you stay as open-hearted as you are today, no matter what life throws at you.

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