womb talk

i am so fking frustrated...

i mean, i suppose that there's some witchy-woman way to harness the ashe of pms or whatever, but more often than not i just find myself feeling completely off my square. often at times when i most need to be level-headed.

thankfully, i don't get the mood swings i used to. my cramps aren't as bad (most of the time. there are flare-ups), and the actual shedding doesn't last quite as long. i credit giving up the pill and vegetarianism.

however, i still get bloated (clothes don't fit right...), generally irritable, and mentally fuzzy. my energy level plummets, i can't stop eating, and getting comfortable enough to sleep? forget it.

it doesn't help that it's exceedingly difficult to wake up in this state. i go into very deep sleeps and have dreams that are more like boulders i have to crawl out from under when the alarm clock goes off.

i do not have time for this. i wish i'd looked at the calendar more closely when i scheduled the date for this damn exam. i was just concerned about interfering with (a) my birthday and (b) that damn mercury retrograde. forgot about my uterus.

after i went off the pill, i noticed that my cycle regulated itself to the phases of the moon, something i considered to be complete hooey before it happened to me.

years ago, i ran with the full moon. then there seemed to be a period where i could never really tell what was going to happen. i started getting the symptoms (headaches, bloating, etc.) a full week before the acutal event, so that really threw me off.

in the last few months--i finally started paying attention--i've been moving with the new moon. like clockwork. strangely enough, breast tenderness has once again entered the arena. that hasn't been a monthly problem for years--probably not since adolescence.

still, i'll probably be right as rain by tomorrow, and maybe some of the information i need desperately to stick to the front of my brain really is there and i will pass with flying colors.

here's to hoping.


PretaMulatta said...

girl, i am in your SHOES today. mooncycle is upon me + i am walking underwater in a sleepstate because of it. do whatever u need 2 do 2 get thru it. i'm all over fresh's hot sake baths that work like PURE magic! try 2 incorporate more soy into your diet, try some dong quai + rose(hips) essence as well. sabon makes this yummy rosepetal soap that helps regulate the hormones. i agree that leaving the pill behind works like a charm + that being with the moon makes me feel MORE like a woman than anything else i do on my own. my Puppy has named me Månestråle (moonflower in his norwegian language) because until me, he'd never met another woman so in tuned with her WOMANNESS.
give into your womanness + pamper yourself. luxurious tea, bubblebaths, massage...whatever works. it WILL get better.

(+ the warriors say)axé!!!

saltwater taffy said...

thanks a million...i appreciate those tips *starts taking notes*...

"walking underwater in a sleep state..." i am well acquainted with that feeling. it's great when i have the time/space to work with it, but when i don't...yikes.

peace & continued blessings...