ramblings of a wannabe yogini

well, i went back to yoga last night after a far-too-long hiatus, and it was just as difficult a session as this one.

the twists were especially difficult. again the instructor came and pushed me to my limit a few times, and i almost cried each time. not because it hurt, but because of the tension it highlighted and/or pushed to the surface. my ujjayi breathing got pretty serious at times, but it really does carry you through.

the right side of my body was especially stiff. i kept feeling like i wasn't strong enough to hold myself up. there was a lot of trembling.

i couldn't get into corpse pose (again), either. the last pose we did was shoulder stand, which sets my root chakra on fire and makes it impossible to lie down on my lower back for several minutes.

surprisingly, one of the easiest parts of the night was the vinyasa that went from warrior II (virabhadrasana) into ardha chandrasana. typically i have issues with anything that keeps one foot in the air, but doing that kind of half-cartwheel released me from my body a bit. warrior III was also powerful.

i thought i would break down once i got home, but i didn't. no dreams of any consequence.

i'll just have to keep at it...


TruEssence said...

I have never been to any yoga classes. I plan to this year, it sounds exciting!:)

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

i love the classes 'cause they give me a reference point and keep me from screwing myself up too badly. LOL. i started out with videos a few years ago, but got hooked on the class experience pretty fast.