today's the day...

i love obama as much as the next person. i really do.

but we ain't done yet. don't think for a moment that we are.

the red black and green is still relevant. we still struggle for relevance, for dignity, for our lives, and to be beautiful.

the media still ignores us (when it's not demonizing us). the industrial prison complex is still eating us alive.

africa is in shambles. and when the mother is in decline, the family is in decline.

i went to see him when he came to baltimore, but i wasn't about to say the pledge. i'm not even sure why they started it up when they did.

i pledge allegiance to olodumare, to the spirits of my ancestors. to my family and my people. not to the flag.

not just after oscar grant had been shot like a dog.

not with adolph grimes dead.

not with this video circulating around the net.

not with palestine being bombed into oblivion.

not with 20 years and counting of black mesa's decimation.

insert your cause here.

while i can't justify the pledge of allegiance yet, i can be very, very glad that we have an intelligent, seemingly level headed black man leading this country. a man who obviously loves his wife and daughters, and one who has already brought a good level of diversity to his cabinet.

change.org is fantastic.

let's hold him to his promises and make sure he has the public mandate necessary to do the work.

thank you, jay.


Anonymous said...

“I pledge allegiance to olodumare, to the spirits of my ancestors. to my family and my people. not to the flag.”
Ashe! Ashe Ashe!
Black folks have a long way to go. I hope this is not the time to think that we can just party and let our hair down now. People are still poor; many of our children still cannot read. It’s a jail cell being built today, with the hopes of my son inhabiting it.
Last Friday I felt very happy, ELATED! I paid a Black man 226.00 dollars who employed other Black men to get my car fixed. This Black man owned other businesses and properties. He was explaining banking and the mortgage industry and it crisis to me. I am not happy about paying for car repairs. But, I am happy about circulating Black dollars. When are Black folks going to get happy about self-sufficiency? America will eat us all alive whether Barack is in office or not, if we don’t get it together. We running to DC, but most of the business owners benefitting are not Black.
Its not a game. People are going to lose more jobs. Black folk are going to get poorer. But, history shows that Black people will endure not having, if there is a hope of a Messiah that will deliver them.

creatrix said...

indeed...but more are waking up every day. we can only hope that trend continues...

PretaMulatta said...

(sigh) i thought i was the only one left refusing 2 stand and say the pledge. i still cringe when my parents INSIST on showing folks the footage of me singing it at an orlando magic game, back when shaquille still played 4 them.

i stand in agreement with u. LOTS 2 be done, but a very big, very important step in the right direction.

creatrix said...
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creatrix said...

nope...not at all. i'll stand. essentially 'cause my dad's a vet. but i decided some years ago to simply not say it. most folks don't even notice.