latest revelations

outgrowing a situation isn't synonymous with arrogance. everybody's got their level, and it's important to live up to yours. if your surroundings don't reflect that, it's time for change.

on a related note, "good girl" and "good student" guilt gets you nowhere. it's amazing how insidious cultural mores can be: you feel like you got rid of something, then you're hit with a situation that pushes all those buttons. in turn, you feel horrible and can't figure out why.

my comfort level with change is still in need of work. much as it fks with me, i might as well cozy up to it. stability can become stagnation if you're not careful.

i desire to come into my potential on my terms and in my time. i refuse to succumb to the notion that just 'cause i'm good at _____ i need to be doing it for the rest of my life. it's what my teachers did at school. some employers have even tried to do it. and all it's done is led me in circles.

i have a lot of tools in my hands now. i have to figure out what i truly want to build.


TruEssence said...

Sis I definitely feel what you are saying! I love your thoughts... they are always on point!

ms. bliss honeycomb said...

thanks...just makin my way thru like the rest of us. :-)