open your eyes just a little wider...

wandering around the interwebs, i came across an interesting take on the obama phenomenon...

while i generally agree with the author's sentiments, this comment grabbed me:

Atlalien on 02 Jan 2009 at 10:11 pm #

What frightens me the most about black folks is that the ignorant and purposeless seem to constitute the majority. Think about it. How is it that other cultures (Middle Easterners, Chinese, Koreans, ect ) have all managed to find a considerable measure of success in this country yet blacks, who’ve been here all along have not? It begs the question as to whether or not we are truly an inferior race. I’m just saying…..


how quickly we forget that "other cultures" come here with their culture, language, religion/spirituality, etc intact--all the things that were stripped from, beaten out of and secreted from us.

they're just stopping through for the extra loot. maybe asylum or education they can't get at home. but they still bring home with them. they chose to come here. and they can go back.

to ignore the effects of our trauma is to buy into the misconception of our "inferiority". we did not choose, and we are caught between worlds.

again, that's not meant as an excuse to behave poorly. but if we're not aware, we're healing in a vacuum. that's almost as bad as not healing at all.

time is fluid. the past does matter.

there was another comment about people needing a "savior" from the times of kemet and the osiris/isis/heru story...also misconstrued. kemetian culture was built around a sociopolitical, cosmological and spiritual framework diametrically opposed to the notion of heru being a "savior" that encouraged looking without vs. within for salvation in the vein of christianity/western religion.

...which is something of a mind/spirit control technique to begin with.

but that's another story...

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