it's almost 2009...

about 5 hours left in the year...

new year's is one of my favorite nights. full of fun and skin-shedding.

new year's day almost always feels completely fresh and clean...like a new baby or pristine sheets on a new bed.

2008 has been rough in some ways and wonderful in others. overall, though, the bliss outweighs the burdens. i've learned a lot about myself, committed to my bliss, loved, traveled, and grown.

i'm gonna ring in the year pretty quietly...home cooked dinner, some champagne. maybe a little tequila. hoping for mimosas in the morning.

if you read this this evening, i hope you're happy where you are. if you're going out, hopefully you won't see it until tomorrow afternoon 'cause you had such a good time. hell, i might be out partying tomorrow or saturday night myself. never know.

see y'all next year.


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mindful said...

ahh... mine was a quiet & peaceful one complete with football watching, eating, and enjoying jernee running about. New Year's Eve was sweet as well. I spent it with one of my best friends. Simple, casual, and full of laughs. Happy New Year to you lady! May it grace you with many blessings and many more memories.