pardon my shimmer, beautification in progress

having recently realized how deeply affected i am by beauty, i have decided to beautify my life.

i don’t mean this on a wholly superficial level, but more a project designed to entice and enhance the senses; indulge my sensual self with the goal of discovering my true loves, passions, desires, and needs. it is also a means to spiritual symmetry and loveliness.

i am making an effort to dress in ways that are comfortable, yet flattering. since i’ve (unintentionally) gone down about 1 size, i’m having to rediscover what fits, what doesn’t, how my body has reshaped itself.

i bought a lovely new journal on my birthday. i’ve been carrying one kind of notebook or another with me daily for some time, scribbling thoughts and other things as they arise. the new, beautified journal was part of a commitment to (a) buy no more anonymous, spiral notebooks and (b) no longer compartmentalize my thoughts/feelings/words (typically i’ll have the "daily" notebook, something for poetry, a diary for journaling, another for spiritual matters, etc.).

the goal: regain my flow, let things spill out wherever they please. get messy. become reacquainted with myself.

so don’t mind the extra honey and glitter sprinkled around wherever i may happen to be at any given moment. i’m just working out a few minor details.


nina said...

It seems as tho the need to create beauty in our lives is a universal feeling right now. Perhaps we've all aligned ourselves upon a particular star, or perhaps the vibrations of the universe are touching us all in similar ways at the moment - all good things either way.

As well, I've felt the need to add more beauty in my life.

A friend once shared with me this sentiment:

“Women seek, find and create beauty for themselves and their loved ones."

Tapping into those wells of femininity is I think one of the best ways to feel alive and right with the world, so enjoy your beauty!

If I read correctly, you've recently marked your birthday, so Happy Birthday you beautiful thing! ;)

- nina

creatrix said...

good points. i think more and more women are beginning to realize that we're damned important and necessary to this planet, and we need to do whatever possible to make the world remember it, too. unmitigated patriarchy's days may be limited after all. *evil supervillian grin*

...and thank you for the birthday wishes!!!

mindful said...

i'm sure the results will be well worth it. beautification is the way to go lady... *nods*