got my foot bath. gave myself a nice, luxurious pedicure over the weekend.

the carol's daughter stuff is a little messy, but worth it.

started the cleansing...seems to be going well.

i'm adding liquid chlorophyll to my OJ in the morning, which seems to do wonders for my appetite. i don't think it's doing much for my energy level, though. i'll be taking a b-complex vitamin (which definitely helps with energy) and flaxseed oil daily. also trying to keep up the daily 2 liters of water routine.

no chocolate (*sheds tear*) and/or excess sugar. as little dairy as possible. more whole fruits/veggies/grains.

other than that i'm not changing my diet much.

as usual, my shoulders are achy. and the mucus is leaving. that's usually how i know my cleansings are working.

note to self: watch the roasted/raw garlic. good god. i still don't smell quite right. i had the slimiest spinach salad ever on saturday, and someone saw fit to load it with garlic. it wasn't quite coming out of my pores, but other places? ugh.

so now i just have to keep up with my yoga, and make sure i do a decent meditation at least once (preferably twice) a week until the 13th.

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studentoflife said...

Yes I am with you on the diet changes. I know I am going to end up with more restrictions once I initiate further. This no salt thing is kicking my black behind. I am such a snacker. I better add more prayers to get some recipes that don't make me wanna toss my food in the trash.