you just have to give it up to god.

so...baba eshu, egungun...if there is a way to be made, you're going to have to make it for me, 'cause i'm out of ideas and i'm running out of patience. i'm putting it in your hands.


saltwater taffy said...

we rallied a little last week...and the whole thing came crashing down again last night.

back to square one.

i just have to remember my original promise...just let it go & let god.

if it's meant to be, it will be, but this is getting us nowhere.

PretaMulatta said...

oh lord... dont i know what u're going thru. if u have a ritual 4 surrender, will u please PLEASE send it my way?

saltwater taffy said...

i don't have a particular ritual...generally when i come to the end of my rope, i just say or write something like, "hey. look. i can't do it anymore. i've been stubborn and stupid, and i know *i* can't change this. it's yours now, i trust you. lead me in the right direction".

and things start moving...

if you want something more technical/hands-on, i'm thinking you probably need to find someone well-acquainted with oya (change) or eshu and/or ogun (obstacle-clearing).

good luck & many blessings