"back from iraq" (truthout.com article)

i support that they got caught up in some b.s. that wasn't of their doing.

i support the sacrifices they have made mentally, physically, and spiritually.

i support the grief of those not fortunate enough to have a loved one come back home alive. or only half alive.

but the reality is, it never should have happened.


i appreciate the life i live here.
i understand that there are ppl fighting right now as i type this.

but they're not fighting for me. they're fighting for dubya & his buddies.

they're fighting for an administration that can't even see fit to make sure their i's are dotted and their t's crossed when it comes to getting the troops the things they need.

they're fighting for ppl who won't even consider researching alternative energy so NO ONE will have to be in their position again.

the last war that was fought "for me" was the war they wouldn't even let my grandfather fight in because he was black.

so forgive me if it's a bit more complicated in my eyes.

i won't be at the airport greeting them, but as the daughter of a vet, i understand.

so do what you gotta do, get the hell outta there alive, and have the good sense to not allow your babies to walk the same path.


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