stressed out

so i get home last night in desperate need of something to help me "unwind". i wound up buying a hershey's bar w/ almonds, a caramello, and a 6-pack of mike's hard lemonade.

the chocolate was lovely, but i don't even like shit like mike's hard lemonade. what did the news ppl start calling them? alco-pops?

not to mention that i tend not to drink alone, or in the house. or on tuesday nights. i figured something light & breezy was better than nothing at all...but now i realize: i'm too old for coolers.

a decent bottle of wine would have been a better choice.
or just doing some asanas...


i'm tired. a long weekend is most definitely in my future...i am declaring my independence next friday.

this weekend will be all about hazy pleasantness, sex, and other wonderful things. i'll have a kiddie party to hit up next weekend and honey will be away at a show, so i'll have to have my grown-folks fun now.

i still haven't gotten my taxes done...i'm still kinda sore...

i'll have to cook for easter dinner...my mother's decided to have the family over. and, apparently, my cousin's new hubby is muslim & doesn't do pork. so i've been asked to make veggie lasagna. i told her i'd throw in some meatless greens, too. that means another trip to the market friday night.

made a disastrous batch of cornbread the other day to go with my chili...it would have been fine if it wasn't for the spoiled crisco i tried to pass off in there. for your information: bad crisco smells like new plastic. not a good sign if you ask me. i doubt it will be finding its way back to my kitchen.

rappers i know nothing about are dying...

and so on.

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