and we wonder why the weather's effed up...

mama earth is in PAIN.


i didn't even realize dirty gold was a problem.

i really need to stop reading & finding shit out. lol.

Below a Mountain of Wealth, a River of Waste
By Jane Perlez and Raymond Bonner
The New York Times

The closest most people will ever get to remote Papua, or the operations of Freeport-McMoRan, is a computer tour using Google Earth to swoop down over the rain forests and glacier-capped mountains where the American company mines the world's largest gold reserve.

With a few taps on a keyboard, satellite images quickly reveal the deepening spiral that Freeport has bored out of its Grasberg mine as it pursues a virtually bottomless store of gold hidden inside. They also show a spreading soot-colored bruise of almost a billion tons of mine waste that the New Orleans-based company has dumped directly into a jungle river of what had been one of the world's last untouched landscapes...

That frustration stems from an operation that, by Freeport's own estimates, will generate an estimated six billion tons of waste before it is through - more than twice as much earth as was excavated for the Panama Canal. [emphasis mine]

Much of that waste has already been dumped in the mountains surrounding the mine or down a system of rivers that descends steeply onto the island's low-lying wetlands, close to Lorentz National Park, a pristine rain forest that has been granted special status by the United Nations.

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PretaMulatta said...

agreed on the reading + being sorry i learned something new. the beautiful thing is - when we are all like minded + aware, we will b able 2 change the things we see + know arent right.

stay strong, sister. right will win, one day.