getting back on track

i realized this morning that this late spring/early summer will probably need to be about cleansing & renewal. basically all the stuff i've been avoiding.

i'm feeling the effects of my horrible eating habits over the past few days, so today's all about green juice & huge salads. maybe some fruit.

i also need to step my water game up. the goal today is to get in at least 2 liters. i should probably commit to that daily for at least a week.

work on getting the house straight.
get back into yoga/meditation.
organize. organize. organize.

when i go on another spending spree, it'll be for all the supplements & other things i'll need for my fast/cleanse regimen. time to break out sacred woman again...i can get some recipes from my copy of afrikan holistic health.

if i can get my act together, i can start preparing around may 1st, do the most intense portion just before the full moon on may 13th, and continue on various levels until my cycle comes again on may 27th.

i wish i could afford to think about buying a new juicer, but that might have to wait until i take care of my exam expenses. i'll see what kinds of deals i can find. if someone has a sale, it's on.

in other news...my carol's daughter order came in. for some reason it went to my mom's house instead of coming to the office. go figure. i'll try the scrub & the herbal foot bath (which smells fantastic) this weekend.

hell, i might get a real foot bath/massager this weekend, too. lol. they're only about $30 at target.

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