be careful what you wish for...

ok. so this morning they had 2 mothers discuss immigration from their point of view.

the american woman was complaining that homework was coming home in english and spanish, what her tax dollars were going towards, etc.

the immigrant woman spoke of how she wanted to stay in her country, but wasn't afforded the opportunities she saw here. so she brought her children to this country in search of a better life.

apparently both women were from arizona.

what i wanna ask that white (american woman):

1) where is YOUR family from ('cause she didn't look native american)?
2) whose land did HER great great granddaddy/mama steal so she could pay all those lovely arizona taxes?
3) does she not realize that most ppl on the planet speak and/or understand at least 1.5 languages? (*this isn't an actual stat or anything...but if you consider geographic proximity and other factors, it's very likely) why are americans so defensive of a language they can barely speak/write in the first fking place? these ppl are almost doing our kids a FAVOR. we could use some exposure.

'cause, see, whitefolks are really quick to blast these immigrants, but how soon they forget that much--if not all--of this nation was ripped from under its indigenous people and others. i don't care if your ppl came to this country with nothing in 18whatever on the mayflower or a prison ship from england. the fact is, you probably got yours because the people who were on the land you now enjoy were slaughtered or herded off like cattle.

as far as black folks who have an issue with immigration...we need to stop letting this divide & conquer b.s. keep us from bonding with folks in the same situations we're in. perception of scarce resources. look it up.

there are black mexicans. and puerto ricans. not to mention all the other blacks and browns all over central & south america.

take a good long look at history. we are facing the chickens of colonialism coming home to roost.

and it's not just here. france, england, and others have had to deal with the consequences of subjugating a group of ppl, making them worship your way of life, and then denying them said way of life in their native land.

what else is there to do but find their way to the mama country? why, it only makes sense.

you killed the leaders working to make independence more than colonialism-lite.

you undermined just about every effort to economic and social justice, political empowerment, and self-love that your "subjects" developed.

where else are they going to look for the gold you keep waving in their faces?

maybe you should have thought of this before you went carving the world into neat little pieces.

i suppose most of us weren't supposed to survive. thus, these problems were not forseen...


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