the christians are coming....

i didn't know it was this serious.

have you heard of this guy?

i have no problem with folks believing/practicing what they want how they want, but to have this idea that EVERYONE should believe in god the SAME way in a pluralistic society is...nuts.

another nugget of proof of the american cultural amnesia.

black folks had their original religions beaten and tortured out of them. maferefun oludumare and the multitude of egungun that many of us are beginning to wake up and remember.

native americans had theirs snatched from under them, along with their languages, as they were scattered from ancestral homelands. their children were shipped off to assimilationist boarding schools, completing the cycle.

others have been goaded and hoodwinked into giving up their ways in the face of a "better" american way.

think about it, kids.

...and what's wrong with this statement?

WITH HIS KHAKI PANTS and checkered shirts, Gary DeMar could be one of a million guys meeting weekly in men’s groups at churches around the country. Bright and articulate, he’s soft-spoken until he gets in front of a crowd. His publishing house distributes hundreds of tracts, more than 20 of them written by DeMar himself, with titles such as The Politically Incorrect Guides to Islam (and the Crusades), which promises “all the disturbing facts about Islam and its murderous hostility to the West,” and The Marketing of Evil, which covers everything “from easy divorce and unrestricted abortion-on-demand to extreme body piercing and teaching homosexuality to grade-schoolers.”

I first met DeMar 18 months ago at his church, Midway Presbyterian, in the Atlanta suburb of Powder Springs, where he was teaching a class on government. During the session, a teenage homeschooler talked about how he had tried in a paper to prove that the family is a form of “Christian government.” “You don’t have to prove that,” DeMar gently chided, and then added, with more heat: “That’s established—established by God!” DeMar’s lecture focused on the “three governments”—family, church, and state—all of which, he told me, should be ruled by God-fearing men.

it's always about the god fearing MEN, isn't it?

ay yi yi.

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