on: tookie

of course, people are talking...

whether he was guilty or innocent (that is, of the crimes that landed him on death row...no one can deny the damage gangs have done all over urban areas in this nation and around the world...), i do agree that an important opportunity was missed.

how anyone expected the terminator to catch on to that is beyond me. but i digress.

the bottom line here is the lack of a learning curve. mainstream america refuses to see that men like tookie are some of the few who can reach these troubled kids. they're the "heroes", the hood legends. the men and women 90% of rappers wish they were.

to some of our youth, these ppl aren't just the baddest motherfuckers on the block. they're also fathers. cousins. sons. lovers. brothers. and, whether we want to accept it or not, the only role models they have.

tookie's story could have been used as an example of the possibility of life after (social/spiritual) death. redemption. salvation.

instead, he's now just one more pillar of the "no matter what i do, i'm worthless to them anyway....so fuck it" school of social justice.

way to go, america.

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