off schedule

well, due to my sojourn to philly this weekend, i was thrown off task. so the fast will have to start this evening...first full day will be tomorrow.

i had hoped to be a couple of days into it by the solstice, but oh well. everything for a reason.

this post isn't gonna have a whole lot of cohesiveness to it, so...

there is housecleaning to be done. i didn't get a chance to do it like i should have before i left, so it's just there, staring me in the face. if i don't get to it any other time this week, thursday evening or friday are probably my best bets.

aside from making the cookies, i am still at a loss to figure out what the hell to get anyone for xmas. this isn't really a problem from an emotional standpoint, as i really don't officially celebrate anyway, but it is as good a time as any to give a little something to the ppl i love. so i take advantage. we'll see how my time and pockets hold up.

i am realizing that i am very much loved and in love. and i'm enjoying every minute of it. even the scary parts.

i miss being able to listen to music at an appropriate volume (at work, that is).

confession: i just bought de la soul's stakes is high sunday afternoon (why the fuck don't they have an official site? huh?). yes, i'm a bad b-girl. i know.

actually, there are a lot of hip hop "classics" that i don't yet own. although i am of the appropriate generation, i came into the love of hip hop pretty damn late. i was raised on r&b. shoot me. if you have any suggestions for other hip hop albums i should own or be disowned, please leave them in the comments section.

i think that's it for now...i feel a little more poetry coming on, so maybe i'll share. maybe.

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