it ain't over til it's over...


hm. ok then.
bring it on.
i'm ready to fight.

i suppose i should explain.

you might think it's romantic to be "fought over".
but it's really not all it's cracked up to be.

i have been fortunate enough to love very deeply and have that love returned.

right now, that love involves two very different, highly determined, and very much in-love-with-me men.

now, not surprisingly, i've come to a point where i have to choose.

i could go into detail about why both of them are important, why i love both of them, etc.

but the longer i did that, the crazier it would sound....well, maybe not if it were a book or a movie.

but this is my life.
and theirs.

there was nothing purposeful about this.
it didn't start off as a game gone wrong.
nor some sort of "i wonder what would happen if..."

still, as i sit here, i hold the hearts of two beautiful people in my hands.

and i have to make a choice.


mindful said...

oh goodness. i've had this happen once... i didn't choose either one of them. actually left both of them alone really... i didn't find it flattering at all.

saltwater taffy said...

well...i know i'll have to choose one of them. i don't think there's a 3rd option.

so we'll just have to see how it goes...