down there

so i watched the vagina monologues for the first time last night (dvd, not the show itself), so i was thinking about some of the questions she asked the women in the documentary segments...

if your vagina could talk, what would it say?
i'm good

what would your vagina wear?
um...probably a lot of silk, cashmere, and satin.

when was the first time someone hurt your vagina?
i'm not quite sure...but i do remember when i learned that i could physically rebel against someone who wasn't good for me, even when i tried to ignore that fact.

interestingly enough, i'm finding that a lot of my openness with my body has to do with not being told things. i was never told not to touch it. i was never told it was bad or ugly or whatever. it just...was.

conversely, i wasn't beat over the head with the beauty of it all, either.

i was allowed to discover and explore a lot of things without condemnation or shame...for myself, not thru the eyes of someone else.

no, it wasn't because my parents were ultra-liberal hippies or back-to-nature fanatics. there were just more important things. like...school. or (for my father) keeping the doors locked at night.

when it came time to talk about sex, it was a perfectly natural thing. a thing that could have consequences, but nothing to be particularly hung up or ashamed about.

i'm glad for that.

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sungoddess said...

You should feel glad, because my own story has been the opposite...