you have got to be kidding me

a boycott of american girl
because they support girls, inc.?


one parent noted:

I don't want my daughter to be introduced to questioning her identity, abortion issues, and an obvious political agenda namely lobbying against abstinence programs. This offends me and my family's religious convictions.

I believe it would also offend many of your other customers as well. I am organizing a boycott of your company and it's upcoming movie if this "I can" bracelet is not removed from your website and magazine.

"introduced to questioning her identity"???



yeah. ok.

i never put too much stock into this sort of vehemence until i've seen what mom decides when little suzy (heaven forfend) gets pregnant just a smidge too early for the fam's tastes...mainly 'cause she didn't know enough about her body to protect herself accordingly.

i think the message of the "i can" bracelets is what more women need to be teaching their daughters, fuck whatcha heard.

but folks wanna stay stuck in their boxes. no prob.

a friend actually drew my attention to this issue, saying, "jesus is the great pacifier for a lot of ppl...it seems more and more like ppl are coming up w/ excuses not to fight the sht around them based on their religions."


i'm glad i know about girls, inc. now. i hope they're around for another 100+ years so that i can direct my daughter to their website when she's old enough.

i would rather be in the business of raising goddesses in the full light than trying to cultivate shrinking violets in twilight.

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