mother/guiding light,

i know i am in the wrong place at the right time.

i realize that i am not living my potential, nor am i truly utilizing or embracing my talents as i should. there is somewhere i need to be...

the path is cloudy and my world tenuous.

help me reveal my best self to mySelf.

i am confident that i have all i need to "make it". it is my birthright--all i need to do is reclaim it. return to my child-mind.

i am listening to my dreams, but the manifestation is slow.

assist me in shoving myself out of my own Way.

i am thankful for the opportunity to meet like-minded sisters despite distance. a fellowship beyond words.

i am grateful for those who support me, even when they do not understand me. please open the way for more understanding. constant teaching and explanation is beginning to wear on me.

allow me to find more ways to make time for expansion and refute the walls imposed around me.

enable my blossoming.


it's become my practice/habit to pray in my journals...there are a few where you'd find pages-long entreaties to God or whoever else might be listening.

since i've had my altar, i'm in the habit of writing them down and placing them there before bed, generally with a white candle burning and a request for illuminating dreams.

this didn't "flow" nearly as well as i would have liked it to (damn always having to blog at work...), but i think i got the appropriate sentiment across.


Sunshine said...

Wow. I'm at work right now and cannot wait to read more of your site. You appear to be intelligent and strong and I want to feed off of that. Is it ok if I link to your site from my blog? I need to visit quite often.

saltwater taffy said...

i appreciate that. thank u.

the link's no problem.