seems like i wanna wrap my hair all the time now and

i found 2 locs trying to join in matrimony yesterday and i had to separate 'em

...but i know one day i'll wind up not twisting them anymore just for the sake of having them appear a certain way 'cause i won't have a job where that's necessary and

i need to write some poetry but i really don't know what to say or how to say it and

i kinda like what she said about katrina

...but the beating is what's really getting to me right now and

i hate that i don't have time to write 'cause i'm here all stinkin' day and

i know i need a vacation but

i don't have any money to go where i wanna go and he offered to pay but i don't know about all that, plus

that goddamned staff meeting totally fucked with my flow....

just tryin to get free. once again.

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