it's raining again

i'm really happy for him...
but i can see his success being our death warrant.
i don't know how to feel about that.

baby shower @ work today...i keep wondering if that will ever be my life.
i don't need the kid(s), but the husband would be nice.

my cycle was last week.
why do i feel hormonal in reverse?

my hand is beginning to ache. which means the writer's block is taking its toll.
funny how your body expresses your emotions when you can't.

i feel...defeated on some level.
i'd like to go home, crawl under some form of cover, and hide/cry/die.

but you never know...
i might have a little fight left in me.


mindful said...

just when we think we're going thru the worst... a bit of sunshine emerges...

your light isn't too far away love.

saltwater taffy said...

you know, not long after i posted this, your words manifested themselves.

i've often found that a little darkness almost always tends to shadow my dawns. but once the sun comes out...it stays.