the tao of hip hop

i'm realizing that i haven't really listened to a lot of my hip hop cds.
i mean, truly listened.

being in love with a man who's in love with hip hop has made me rethink my associations with it.

largely i think my affiliation with hip hop is circumstance. born in the right place at the right time.

i know hip hop because i'm a child of the late 70s.
i love it because i was old enough to go to parties by the mid-late 90s.

but it was all by default. i didn't work for it.

i'm a work now, listening to a roots cd at some barely audible level--god knows why, it's not like there's anyone in the office with me at the moment.

this is definitely music made for headphones.
urban meditations.

back in college when i had my discman on at all times is when i think i truly took the time to really hear my music...

now, unless i'm at home, it just seems like a way to keep my brain from bleeding from my ears during the workday.


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