mental clarity begins with physical clarity

i think i've shocked myself into a mini-detox.

yesterday and today i've had green juice in the morning. sunday or monday evening, i took a recommended dose of psyllium.

result: chills, headaches, and all kinds of weird stuff.

there's been a real need to do something, but i couldn't see myself preparing for a full-fledged fast right now (i will, however, probably do at least a 3-day one on/around the winter solstice). yesterday i was low on energy, but today i feel much better. headaches are gone, too.

i will take some more psyllium before bed tonight, see how that works out for me. i made a pot of soup with all kinds of good veggies in it, not to mention a pot of greens (collards and kale). for dinner i think i'll have a sandwich, some soup, and whatever pills i feel like dealing with.

i've been really hard on myself lately, and it's beginning to show.

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