it's party time...

well, not for me. but this is an unusual time of year.

my antennae are a little sharper than usual.
so i see the world a little differently.

last night i told the-man-sometimes-known-as-honey that i'm tempted to walk around with a medicine bag full of juju and bless random people. get a plane and crop dust the 'hood with omiero.

the ancestors are grieving the losses that come too soon from misaligned ori and despair so internalized it's become an artificial aura.

lamenting because their families have blocked out their voices--all the better to hear the preacher man.

etc. and so on.


life gets interesting in the fall.

p.s.--it's nice to know that a place like this exists. if i'd had access to something like that, it'd be interesting to see where i'd be now.

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