gotta get it together...

i started to write a long list of hates and wants today...but i didn't get a chance to post it.

there's a lot on my mind. and i'm not sure how to organize it all.

there's also a full moon coming.

i need to write some things out...strategize about what i want to see happen over the next few months. it's time to get focused and visualize my new hopes and dreams.

for months, i did very focused, intensive prayers on the full and new moons, and many of those things came to fruition. once they did, i stated my gratitude and decided to lay low and see where things stood. i think it may be time to renew the practice.

i've been uncomfortable lately because i need to be. the universe knows that as soon as the fire under my ass goes out, i'll make do where i am. but as long as i'm missing the bliss, peace, and comfort i know i deserve, i'll be forced to work until i get it.

i see you, esu.

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