mirror, mirror

last night i decided to appreciate myself a bit. i took a warm bath, did a full shea butter moisturizing routine, and took a look at myself.

it's one thing to have lovers tell you what makes you lovely...it's another to take in those aspects of you for yourself and see if you agree...

honey used mention that i was heart-shaped. i realized i am. my hips and pelvic mound form a sort of double heart.

the bottom i've lamented losing doesn't look bad when i'm on my hands and knees, even if it's not as bootylicious as it once was.

my breasts aren't as full as they were, but still pretty in their teardrop way. i've always thought they were shaped a little strangely, but i'm appreciative of them just the same.

i enjoy the color of my skin
my body art
the shape of my thighs
the elegance of my hands...

i suppose i can understand why i've caused one or two folk to fall for me over the years.



TruEssence said...

Digging this post sis! Self-love is a beautiful thing!:)

creatrix said...

girl, i'm having a ball right about now. *grin*