she's saying i'm screwed.

(in a good way)


there are some interesting indications.
we'll have to see how it plays out.

in other news, i've smudged the house and incantated (i don't think that's a word...LOL) all over the house. i am more than ready to conjure up all kinds of bliss, joy, and magnificence for myself over the coming months.

summer has always been my best season. even when i have nothing else, i've got the sun, long days, brilliant sunsets, and open windows full of sweet air. my skin turns a brilliant, honeyed gold, and my hair's streaked with red.

in short, i blossom into full fledged flyness. lol.

i'm ready.

bring it.


sparkle said...

tee hee.

i'm next, dammit!

trE said...

ha... that dopeness!

summer's the best month for creative inspiration... imho.

creatrix said...

summer is what's up. every year.

...and sparkle, you're definitely next in line. this is gonna be your summer, dammit.