iba osun sekese
latojoku awede we 'mo
iba osun olodi
latojoku awede we 'mo
iba osun ibu kole
latojoku awede we 'mo
yeye kari, yeye 'jo, yeye opo
o san rere o

i have rested my worries in the lap of my mother
she's full of honey and adorned with peacock feathers
olodumare's sweetheart

she who has ears to hear, i know you have heard me, and how quickly you work your magic. i am trusting you to see me through as you have done so many times before.

...off to my bath of sandalwood and roses.

be blessed & bountiful, lovelies.



TruEssence said...

Very beautiful!
Have a wonderful week!:)

mindful said...

you're blessed w/ verses that uplift and motivate. how could your wishes not be granted?

embrace time.