crazy week...

i came into some money i was owed only to have to spend it all...knowing i'll come into a little more next week.

tried to look normal while navigating a plethora of cravings, needs, and desires--including but not limited to an unnatural yen for breakfast foods, constant thoughts of sex, and a desperate need for a hot bath with rose petals and sandalwood--all of which, at this hour, remain largely unfulfilled.

got a small check, but lost my atm card (no xmas shopping for me this weekend...).

had the catering for the xmas party at work screw itself up, ultimately resulting in enough food for everyone, several "thank you"s, and, shut my mouth, leftovers.

i've also been trying to keep one man's head above water while spending time with another, all the while realizing that, despite the flaws inherent in both relationships, i love them both immensely.

froze in bed half the night (it is still ridiculously cold in here).

dealt with two phone calls in as many days from a deeply disturbed man (and i do not work in mental health...).

and i think this is the longest i can remember several nights of sleep with no dreaming and/or dreaming that makes no sense whatsoever.


i still want to cut my hair (last week there was no parking. now i don't have access to my money and will have to spend time rectifying that before i can even think of doing anything extra)

laundry's waiting to be done

i finally got the house semi-clean this evening. there's still vacuuming to do and a bathroom floor to scrub, but the kitchen is passable, you can see my living room table again, and my clothes are finally put away...

i'm still cold

etc and so on.

at least it's friday.

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