i know i ain't ready, but...

i wanna be in love again.

like, seriously in love with someone.
who can be there, fully
and love me
and adore me
and who i wanna adore back.

my feelings in that area are somewhat misdirected at the moment.
i'd like them to get back on track.

but how?
who would i actually let in?

should i just start over with honey for what feels like the 1273840th time?



mindful said...

at this very moment, i'm at my most happy w/ simply being w/ myself. and, it's been so long since i've been able to say that.

i hope you find what it is you feel that you need and want... and, soon.

sugar rush said...

thanks...appreciate that.

still...i know nothing's going to change or begin until i'm certain of what i want and what i'm willing to do to get it.

i think i'm still too conflicted and confused to answer those questions with any certainty.