reasonable silence...

i've been more concerned with experience than words. i'm ruled by my senses...the touch, feel, taste of things.

when i'm thrust into something new, i have to feel my way through. my capabilities for speech are diminished during the adjustment period. i have only been able to write enough to achieve understanding of the reasons that i am not writing.

if that makse sense.

my exposure to him* is probably a factor as well. our experience of each other is largely one of pure sensory overload. his presence is catalytic.

among other things.

anyway, y'all have a blissful weekend.

the moon is waxing. seeds are growing.
hope you've got a bountiful harvest to celebrate once she's full.

*note to self: he needs a blog-alias...some of y'all know the full story. any suggestions?


TruEssence said...

Hey Sis:)

Trust yourself...
That is what I always tell myself whenever I have a situation that is complex and emotionally charged. I know what I need to be complete. For me it has always been about what is going to make me happy. I ask myself do I feel happy in this situation. If I don't I move towards what makes me happy, whole and complete. So I would say again Trust Yourself in how you feel. Does it feel good to you? Are you happy? I think your happiness has to be always be at the forefront.

Be Light:)

TruEssence said...
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