the price of sugar

just came across this.

the more things change, the more they remain the same...

for those who don't know the tattered history of sugar in the americas, please consider reading up.

this is more of a public service announcement than a guilt trip. if you feel that this is a battle for you to fight, have at it.

personally, i understand that just by virtue of LIVING in this country, i'm stepping on someone's neck, 24/7. case in point: i can't afford to have a closet full of non-sweatshop clothing--and what i could get i probably couldn't wear to most workplaces. how's that for ironic?

even so, i desperately fight apathy. at the very least, i can know where my (relative) affluence stems from and, at a minimum, say a prayer for anyone who may have been harmed in the preparation of my food/clothing/etc.

as such, i don't shy away from films & stories like this. we SHOULD see them.

and know.

peace & progress, y'all.

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