just a little update

ok so i'm off work this week (yay!), and since i am still without technology at home, you won't see me much until next week.

but i've got some cool shit in the works...

i would say more, but i wanna finish up my panang (w/ tofu, of course. and i can't really taste any fish sauce either...but it's so damn good that if it's there, i don't care. if you're in the md/va/dc area, check out cafe asia if you get a chance) before i have to run off to yoga class, plus i have to get home and change clothes first and...

you get the idea.

but let me just say that while i'm happy for a sista's success & all, tyra gets on my damn nerves. probably just my personal problem. but i'm interested in tomorrow's show...

see y'all sometime after 12/5.

love & peace

(p.s....if this tour is coming to a city near you, GO, DAMMIT, GO)

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