in like a lamb, out like a lion

march was full...all kinds of travel, a blissful birthday, and lots of pleasant, deeply welcome surprises...

i tend to write more (and better) when i'm settled, so all the running around has taken me away from my creative projects.  but if you'd like an update...

i am saddened by the recent DC shootings and disappointed by offshore drilling plans. erykah's still giving me hope that there is some creativity left in the world, and i am always grateful for good news about africa.

haiti is still on my heart, and i pray for a merciful hurricane season for us all.  i'm unnerved by the differing faces and levels of terrorism both abroad and at home.

i am also reading armah's two thousand seasons, which is still so relevant to the ongoing struggle within the hearts, minds and spirits of black folks.  i know affordable copies can be hard to find; i got mine here, thanks to bilal sankofa. it's a jewel.

so...that's a snapshot of my life at the moment.  hopefully i'll be rambling on and on about something on these virtual pages very soon.

be blessed,


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