kiddie dreams

i've been watching the olympics--as i'm wont to do when they come around--and all these visa (*blink*) commercials about olympians and their childhood dreams got me thinking: did i have those sorts of huge, grandiose thoughts as a little girl?  could they be a window into my purpose now?

obviously, it was nothing as singularly minded as mastering a sport or hobby.

but i did. 

whenever i watched the oscars, i'd practice/envision my acceptance speech.  for best original screenplay.*  

and i was always pretending to be interviewed about stuff.**   i expected that i would be important/cool/___ enough that folks would want to ask me questions about...something.

so...i should be a screenwriting actress who gives fabulous interviews.

i could live with that.

*in other words, when most little girls are probably dreaming about winning best actress, or at least being the star,  i'm sitting there thinking i'm gonna WRITE the best movie.  however, my mother maintains that i used to declare my desire to be an actress.  so maybe it was a little of both. 

**i still do, kinda (don't tell anyone...).  this is probably why i really like formspring.  somebody with that same childhood-based compulsion probably came up with it.


Julian Real said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you accept that Best Screenplay Oscar! And I have to imagine the acceptance speech will be well-written!

When I see these Olympians, one of the things I note is the level of familial support so many of them have. Alas, those of us like me who had some support, and plenty of dysfunction, didn't get to do much with dreams. Or I'm just lazy and not a type A personality!!

So who are you most enjoying in these Vancouver Games?

I'm all about Apolo Ohno. All about him. You?

sugar sista said...

oh i love apolo. he makes speed skating look easy. and i'd forgotten about shani davis!

i was also curious about men's figure skating, 'cause i wondered if plushenko could hold on. he reminds me of the skating i always saw growing up. my mom loved it, so we typically watched together.

i'm kind of fascinated by anything involving ice (luge, skating, bobsled, snowboarding...etc) 'cause i don't understand how/why anyone would WANT to fool with it. lol. i can't even stand on a pair of ice skates. i don't know names...i just watch for the thrill of it.

my family's always been supportive in a "you can do/be anything" kind of way. because creativity wasn't a huge thing, a lot of that was tied to academic success. school was EASY--and i've always been encouraged to read and write.

my core has always orbited around the dreamy/mystical/intuitive side of things. i think they understood that, too, at least generally speaking. it wasn't crushed or diminished in any way.

but it wasn't until college that i met people who actually understood what i could do with that part of myself and how i could bring it to the forefront instead of considering it a wonderful but background kind of thing to be.