odun mi (my year)

new year's eve was full of prayers and desire-renewing.

much of the eclipse list i started in the summer of 2008 is still being fulfilled. and, apparently, the stars are lining up in my favor.

given the trials and challenges of the last couple of years, that is certainly welcome news.

i have known deep pain and heights of pleasure.
i have learned and taught.
i have struggled and endured.

every up seemed to have a down...mirror reflections everywhere. nothing was easy.  i often felt like i had to steal fun or a moment to breathe.

when i asked five goddesses to guide me through 2010, they replied:
  • synthesis {gyhldeptis} - a frequent presence in my recent readings. this is an ongoing challenge for me, but one i finally feel comfortable facing. i immediately recognized it as the "hub", or fifth card. the other four i consider resting in the four directions.
  • ecstasy {eurynome} - this is core to my being. spiritually, emotionally, physically.
  • pleasure {hathor} - also core.
  • embracing the shadow {inanna} - another ongoing  challenge. but i am stronger in this than i've ever been.
  • creativity {ix chel} - i am more at peace with my gifts than i have been since i was a child/adolescent, and i seek to continue that. 
so that's that.

happy new year.


James Tubman said...

if you tell me what your birthday i can give you a good definition of who you are and what your destiny should be

sugar sista said...

you're a numerologist?